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No Power? No Music? - Check these system features:
1. Is the light on the radio dial lit?
2. Is the light on the power strip lit? (on the back of the radio)
3. Is the green light on the receiver lit? (on the tan box mounted to back of radio)

If any of these lights are off (or all)
1. Check to see if unit is plugged into electric source
2. Be sure there is power at the wall outlet

If all lights are on
1. Turn system off by unplugging at wall outlet
2. Leave unplugged for 2 -3 minutes
3. Plug back in; wait 2 minutes for system to reset.

For a visual guide and additional troubleshooting information please view this Adobe Acrobat document:

Golden Age Troubleshooting (1.2 megabytes .pdf file)

If your problem is not described here, or the steps don't
fix the probem, please call toll free
877-850-3330 for assistance.

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